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Telegraphy - As I Sit In The Corner Alone

Telegraphy - Telegraphy E.P.
Label: Elpa
Catalog#: [elpa33]
Format: File, MP3
Country: Latvia
Released: 10 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental
"Micro samples of field recording that I made while roaming around abandon factory's and houses in the Detroit area, are the next level of electronic music after the synthesizer and processor. It gives the impression of lofi but still maintains the electronic feel." - Telegraphy
Our artists try to ensure that you have spent this time comfortably." - Elpa
The music that we search can be categorized as Melodic Electronica.
For example it can be ambient over idm till electro, but in your own new way and understanding.
Web releases will exist as .mp3 or limited cd-r accompanied by artwork.
Web releases will be available for free. - Elpa.
The content is licensed under a Creative Commons License 3.0.
Here: http://elpamusic.blogspot.com/2010/01/elpa33-telegraphy-telegraphy-ep.html
Also on the artist own website, the metal-oxide-malfunction. Metal-oxide-malfunction is a micro-netlable founded in early 2010 by sound artist Richard Sudney. The mission is simple, provide an outlet for experimental electronic music with emphasis ranging from ambient, found-sound, and field recordings to organic techno.
Here: http://metal-oxide-malfunction.webs.com/

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