2015. október 30., péntek

Mursego (Eibar, Spain)

Mursego.....exploring the edges. Skimming the surfaces. Existing in the space between the planes. Chaotic in close-up, beautifully ordered in the wider picture. A vision like nothing we've ever seen before, yet one that seems strangely familiar - perhaps from deep within our own subconscious minds......
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Verde from Mursegokeriak ( rarezas ), released June 1, 2013 - the most striking piece of music I've heard in some time; stunningly beautiful. More to be said here, but...... wow, just breathtakingly beautiful, so poignant.  Is this "saudade"?  If so, what an astonishing emotion; more like a bouquet of emotions.

2015. október 8., csütörtök

Various ‎– Kaoson kaj kontrolo

The chaos and control, humans and machines, nature and civilization, immigrant and borderlines, freedom and domestication, privacy and geolocalization, music and sonic weapons.

Various ‎– Kaoson kaj kontrolo
Label: Breathe Compilations ‎– brh12
Format: 12 × File, Compilation
Country: Mexico
Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Atmosphere, Downtempo, Freestyle, Soul
Cover, photos and inspiration by David Ordaz Bulos and his research.


Since June of 2008, Breathe Compilations is a netlabel for eclectic tunes and graphics based in Mexico.
We release our work with different types of Creative Commons Licenses.
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