2010. november 29., hétfő

Headdreamer - City of Dust (miktek remix)

Headdreamer - Remixed. Free and legal download here:


2010. november 28., vasárnap

Phylum Sinter - A Bridge Burnt, Another Built [MDSQR002]

Phylum Sinter; Considerately. Free and legal download here:


Downliners Sekt - Solstices

Downliners Sekt; The Saltire Wave. Free and legal download here:


2010. november 20., szombat

Alonefold - Dockyard Drunk

Alonefold : Signpost Horizons.... Free and legal download of this utterly beautiful release here:


URL - The Tune

URL - BerdzTrack (ep). Free and legal download here: http://www.archive.org/details/URL_BerdzTrack_EP

2010. november 17., szerda

Mosaik - Cumulus

Mosaik (aka Jakob Svanholm, Sweden): Apologies (ep). Free and legal download here: http://www.kahvi.org/releases.php?release_number=205

Nagz - Quiet Year

A delicious blend of addictive melodies, submerged basses and some cool grooves; tasty to the extreme: Nagz (akaDavid Halmi,Hungary) - Hringur (ep)
Free and legal download here:

Introspective - What We Do To Understand

Sheer ambient bliss; Introspective - What We Do To Understand.
Free and legal download here:

Introspective - Vanishing Point

Introspective - Black Mesa Winds[kahvi236]. Free and legal download here:


or here:


2010. november 15., hétfő

Of A Star - Suspended In White

Of a Star: Finding Gaia. Free and legal download here: http://www.archaichorizon.com/releases/AH039?from_page=1

Stockfinster - A Crack In Time

stockfinster : All Becomes Music (Sutemos011). Free and legal download here:

2010. november 11., csütörtök

elDot - Λιμάνι [Harbour] (miktek remix)

Remix by MikTek of elDots beautiful track Λιμάνι [Harbour]. The track is available for free download via soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/miktek

2010. november 7., vasárnap

edPorth - Kreuzberg and the sun

edPorth Saying vamos and thinking let's go....Free and legal download here: http://edporth.bandcamp.com/

Code0066 - Thought The Lights Ep - In The Evening

Through The Lights is an utterly beautiful dub techno ep, slow-mo heartbeat and spare, resonant clamor suggesting passage through some dank and shadowy interstice, hypnotic combination of light, flittering rhythms and subtle sonic accents......Free and legal download here:
Play this one loud.... :o)

2010. november 6., szombat

Crashed By Car - Oswald's 47

Fictions And Fires, a debut release from Oregon's Crashed By Car. Free and legal download here: http://www.archive.org/details/mtk115

Xerxes - Presets

From Xerxes - Presets ep; a lovely tune, with Cafe Del Mar feeling to it....
Free and legal download here:

2010. november 3., szerda

Acreil - Just

Acreil - Blue Music

Free and legal download here:


2010. november 2., kedd

Suecae Sounds - Klaralven

Various / Secret Games.
Free and legal download, under Creative Commons License here:

2010. november 1., hétfő

Casper - Casper

Free and legal download under Creative Commons License here: