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Pois - Strange toy

Pois -- Resìne
Label: Nulogic Netlabel
Catalog#: Nu-Logic023
Format: 6 × File, MP3, 128 kbps
Country: Spain
Released: 10 Jun 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Minimal, Ambient
From Naples comes POIS, pleasant and suggestive electronic. Resìne is the title of this reference composed of six cuts of ambient passages filled with glitches and industrial sounds. Warm and generous melodies accompany them at all times this journey through Resìne.
Nulogic Net Label creates under the need of creation, feels, shares, and explores new areas. A let go, a path to run without worries of where it will lead to, music for the cause, roots, mutations, prefabricated memories. Without closing itself to a type of music. Nulogic is open to all projects. Innovation, risk, amusement and passion. A meeting point for creators and tasters of sonorous textures. A dialog between man and machine, a dialog which content is hardly readable and can transport you to places so distant as nearby. Undecoded and primary. A part of ourselves which communicates before comprehension, a radar in search of similar. A specie in degenerative routes who still resists to mass.
Nulogic Netlabel, founded, owned and operated by DDO (aka David Díaz Ortega).
The published work is under Creative Commons's license.

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