2010. június 27., vasárnap

Idhren - Watch The Nocturne

Crisp & glitchy beats, deep synths, sentimental atmospheres & somber melodies, all perfectly combined.....
Free and legal download of Idhren debut ep Dwarf Planet, his first album Klint,etc... here: http://www.myspace.com/idhren

2010. június 19., szombat

Mikael Fyrek - A dream I Never Had

Slowpaced, cinematic progression. You seem to be speeding by arctic landscapes, or watching nature bloom in front of you. Free and legal download here: http://softphase.org/netlabel/releases/sfp02

2010. június 17., csütörtök

Wisp - White shapes (early)

Wisp - Let Me See Your Shapes. An amazing collection of tunes that are about 1-2 years old and all unreleased. Free and legal download here: http://www.wisp.kaen.org/

Ocoeur - Trip Hop in the Night

Ocoeur – Les hommes ne savent pas voler (2010)

Les hommes ne savent pas voler. Man cannot fly. Cannot fly and have forgotten the way of dreaming, desiring and missing desires. Of remmembering what creates them and what destroys them. Of losing the value for the little things and how to degradate them; degradate them to finally destroy them. “Les hommes ne savent pas voler” represents a selection of 14 sons from Ocoeur, French artist, that situate us in an oniric and psychodelic fairy tail, IDM rifed with details and thorough fantastic sounds. Have a nice trip.

Free and legal download here:


2010. június 1., kedd

Polaski - End of Time

Keeping it simple is the key - and 37 ways does that with elegance and style. Free and legal download under Creative Common License here: http://www.kahvi.org/releases.php?release_number=283