2011. június 29., szerda

Enabl.ed - Drowning Errors (v.1)

VA - Wounds Of The Earth Compilation III
Here: http://woundsoftheearth.blogspot.com/search/label/Releases

Getzel - будет

New work by Mexican sound artist Hector Ortiz aka Getzel. Lush organic ambient soundscapes, subtle melodies, Drones.. all you need!
Here: http://getzel.bandcamp.com/album/echo-detector

2011. június 8., szerda

adamned.age - Halbwertszeit

adamned.age -- Photosphaere
Label: XS Records (6)
Catalog#: xs-12
Format: 4 × File, MP3, EP, 192 kbps
Country: Germany
Released: 05 Apr 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Experimental, Ambient

Dark, intricate and beautiful; a remedy for any disjointed soul. A true ambient adventure that can bring you back down from that ledge and soothe your every pain. Clicks and pops form the beats that bounce back and forth between your eardrums, using your brain as a causeway; atmospheric lullaby for the mind that won't lull you to sleep.
It's releases like these that remind us what music is really all about: an extension of our souls, meant to calm our tattered minds and make us whole again.

XS Records Netlabel XS Records Netlabel is a Portuguese netlabel started by Tiago Morgado, a musician born in 1988 in Portugal. It is everything and it is nothing, just a guy who wants to publish music of anyone who wants to share the things made by him or herself, and bring some eclecticism to the world, easy and hard to listen sounds, nice melodies and dense electroacoustic textures. From blues to free jazz. From baroque to minimalism - everything which deserves to be listened just share what you do and who you are!!!

Here: http://www.adamned-age.com/

2011. június 7., kedd

adamned.age - Invisible Divider

adamned.age -- Whiteout
Label: PublicSpaces Lab
Catalog#: PS013
Format: 7 × File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: UK
Released: 09 Dec 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo

Adamned.age create intense experiments on hardware and software, involving transformations of sounds and samples to click and cut elements that have become a relevant basis for the rhythmic and percussive tracks of her minimal techno and electronica style. Recently she re-concentrated mainly on sound-design, an integral part of her former studies, and experimental structures leading to electronica and IDM style. Beside these styles she still works on her well known downtempo structures, combined with ambient sounds.
In addition, many collaborations such as remixes and multimedia projects are part of Hanne's complex musical career including working on musical media, paintings, graphics, photographies. Film and webdesign is the most essential part in her life, to create a means of communication with the inner and outside world. Music as a constant work in progress that serves as a liberation of mind.
PublicSpaces Lab:
Company Overview: PublicSpaces Lab is a netabel releasing music under a Creative Commons License since 2007.
Mission: To release high quality electronic music under a Creative Commons License.

Feel free to download it here:

2011. június 6., hétfő

Adamned.age - Fragile

adamned.age -- Fragile
Label: Camomille Music
Catalog#: cml007
Format: 8 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Country: ==========
Released: Jan 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Ambient
Hanne Adam's emotionally dense music under adamned.age is rightfully becoming a netlabel must. She offers here an incredible full length; the rolling & glitchy beat becomes the framework for her carefully put-together constructs. She reveals parts of tracks in layers or blocks, like musical architecture and sometimes lets them breathe and grow by themselves as you witness their rigidity slowly turn into an organic, pulsating organism.
The result is an impressive collection of songs, constantly flowing and progressing towards a more complex state; a research in attaining the perfect balance between movement and stability.
Camomille is a free music netlabel from Montreal, Canada founded by Vincent Fugère on febuary 2nd, 2002, to promote high quality music with unique and individual sounds that differ from their pop culture counter parts. The label describes their main sound as "naive, IDM electronics mixed with new age and emotional hip-hop."
Download, more info, etc, here: http://www.camomillemusic.com/cml007.html

2011. június 5., vasárnap

Lyndsie Alguire - How to be still, suspended in light

With the right amount of chance, sometimes you fall upon wonderful people creating equally wonderful music. It's the kind of encounter that makes having a netlabel worthwhile.
'Suspended in light' is montrealer Lyndsie Alguire's debute lp. It is a sweet affair: her piano melodies are like tiny footsteps in the snow as she creates scenes for departures and catching up.
The optimism eminating from this album is nothing short of overwhelming; Lyndsie reminds us that hope prevails over everything. - Camomille.
Written and recorded by Lyndsie Alguire
Photography, video & design by La Manufacture
Download the album here [mp3 320 kbps .zip]
Go to bandcamp for other high quality and donations [flac, ogg and more]
BUY THE LIMITED EDITION CDR HERE ! [presales / will ship june 20th]

Kirill Platonkin - Echoes from the past

Kirill Platonkin -- The Blessed
Label: Umpako
Catalog#: UMPAKO-61
Format: 10 × File, MP3, Album, 256 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 05 May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental
"The given album is not united by any general concept if to compare it to the book, it most likely the collection of stories.
Here there are also shouts of a mythical bird of Rukh, and sound reflexions about the Source of Dreams, both revelations of the Blessed,
and appeals to expel the demons which have sat down at subconsciousness, and many other things.
Probably, here everyone can find something for itself." - Umpako
"I had a project Platon. I had a project GhostSonic.
Now both of them in the past though anything also has not changed.
I still write different music.
Basically is an experimental music." - Kirill Platonkin
"Boundless totality of expression of the moment-of-true-of-life.
Possibility of creative experiment to express to a side of a unique-crystal-of-the-actor.
http://umpako.com/news.php?v=3&lng=en The music presented on this site is distributed free of charge and is covered
by Creative commons license 3.0. You may copy, share/distribute, but not
sell the music we release." - Umpako.

Phasic - Sunrise

Various -- Hippocamp Summer Compilation 2005 - Noon Til' Night
Label: Hippocamp
Catalog#: hc138-2
Format: File, MP3, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Abstract, Glitch, Tech House, Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental
HIPPOCAMP was born on 02 May 2001 at 16:52:00 as a place where Jonathan Fisher (then Blue Sky Research), DNCN and iermoc could upload and share their music with each other while they were living in different parts of the UK, in June 2006 Domestication of the Dog (I. Heywood) took control to make sure the little netlabel carried on going. Hippocamp stopped operating on the 19th July 2010 but the site will stay live. Hopefully forever. http://www.hippocamp.net/
All releases on this site work are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.