2011. február 24., csütörtök

Milinal - Artificial & Yellow (feat. Natasha Burinskaya)

Milinal - delicately complex electronics from Yakovlev Valentine, a Russian sailor whose compositions brim with beautifully executed ideas.
Aбсолютное волшебство.... :o)

Who are you?
Valentin Yakovlev from St. Petersburg.

Why do you write music?
Maybe this that where I can feel the force. Where my
brain works most of all. I constantly think of music. Even
when I am operating a specialized task in my work, it
sometimes very much hinders my concentration.

How would you describe your music?
Animated. Aimed for the images and actions.

What does this album mean for you?
I just tried to show some unknown place where you get
drift in a seashell on honey waves. Over you flying
swallows and the fallen down leaves. Where currents
at once promptly pick up you, then slowly turn.

Can you elaborate on some of your creative
There is no never a purpose to create something
defined. Sound behind a sound. sampling to re-
sampling to re-re-sampling... The main thing that I should
feel that I have reached in a track of certain peak of
activity. When you feel a shiver.
‎"St. Petersburg (Russia) based Valentin Yakovlev creates warm emotional electronica with triggered glitches and
tweaked out bleeps. And emotional electronica can not exist without emotion. With this in mind, this 23-year old
Russian sailor, releasing his debut full length under the moniker Milinal, enters the scene, drenching your neurons
in thick cerebral cocktail as prescribed by the IDM doctor. Haunting vocals ping-pong around the stereo field,
beneath the deconstructed guitars and soft synth pads. Micro programmed percussion pushes the rhythm
forward, while plucked guitar strings and processed sounds swirl around in a smoky whirlwind." - Headphone Commute.

Fiji - Ocean In My Head

Fiji: Grey-Purple
Catalog#: e24
Format: File, MP3, 320
Label: Electronica
Country: Russia, Siberia
Released: 30 Dec 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Broken Beat
Electronica (Russia) - Made in Siberia. Since 2008.
This Siberian label has advertised itself with the kind of confidence one might expect from a Moscow project! Among its artists are some leading lights of modern Russian electronic music. The people at Electronica are also on good terms with practically all the important representatives of Moscow's club and techno scenes, too. They put out podcasts, releases, and manage all manner of events. The Electronica label is a wonderful example of how digital technology can bring together people who live in different time zones and, we must admit, very different cities.
Here: http://electronicalabel.ru/2010/12/30/e24-fiji-grey-purple-ep/

2011. február 21., hétfő

Hörschwelle - Trieste

Hörschwelle (Guido Muschack) was born in December 1971 in (East) Berlin, where he spent his whole life. At When being 13 years old, he bought a rare electronic-music record, with the tracks inspired from early electronic artists like Can, Kraftwerk, Vollenweider, Tangerine Dream. This record made significant impression, Guido felt in love in that kind of music. But the catastrophic „culture care" in East Germany and the impossibility to purchase records made him to forget these love for a few years.
But in 1995, late at night after a party, he discovered on TV "Space Night" a collection of Video-Sequences, showing the earth from Space Shuttle, with modern electronic lounge and ambient music on background. This was the reborn of passion for music. Between 1997 and 2005 a lot of time was spent in Berlin clubs like Tresor, Globus, KitKatClub, Berghain and Bar25. So Guido was influenced from styles like techno, deep house, goa, detroit techno, minimal.
He left "loud music" behind, and now the focus is on ambient, deep dub tech, minimal electronic arrangements, with a touch of old school. Having spent some money for pc workstation, DAW and studio equipment Hörschelle now spends hours and hours for experiments with synth sounds and sampled loops, often without a concept, only with the feeling for textures and sweeps, filter envelopes or stacking delay...
Here: soundcloud.com/horschwelle

Textural Being - Les Bulles

Various - Aesthesia
Label: Energostatic Records
Catalog#: stasis001
Format: 12 x File, MP3
Country: Ukraine
Released: 15 Dec 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Dub Techno, Dub, Minimal, Ambient
Energostatic records is a music netlabel founded by people who demand creativity and aesthetic health.
"We show you the boundaries of this world and expose something beyond the orbit of imagination.
We are not anchored to them, we are the flow.
We still continue to explore the multi-dimensional manifold through musical impacts and share this music with you, as it might be useful to retrieve the hidden knowledge.
Reach, resist, research..."
Link to the official website of a music netlabel that specializes in deep and ambient artifacts. By releasing the tracks under CC license we transmit the music we are passionate about and offer you to acknowledge yourself with our source of energy.

Arkhaios - Between Now And Forever

Various - Aesthesia
Label: Energostatic Records
Catalog#: stasis001
Format: 12 x File, MP3
Country: Ukraine
Released: 15 Dec 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Dub Techno, Dub, Minimal, Ambient
Energostatic records is a music netlabel founded by people who demand creativity and aesthetic health.
"We show you the boundaries of this world and expose something beyond the orbit of imagination.
We are not anchored to them, we are the flow.
We still continue to explore the multi-dimensional manifold through musical impacts and share this music with you, as it might be useful to retrieve the hidden knowledge.
Reach, resist, research..."
Here: http://www.energostatic.com/stasis001.html

2011. február 19., szombat

Laark - Inventaire De Ma Chambre

Various - Esprit De Corps
Label: SillonS
Catalog#: SIL005
Format: File, MP3
Country: France
Released: 18 Dec 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental, Ambient
SillonS is a french label focusing on innovative, demanding and sensitive music.
Here: http://www.sillons.org/

2011. február 18., péntek

Next week in Hypnagothique #25 - Antiquing Vol.11; features tracks from a stunning private vinyl collection, hosted by: Vrhovny.
Airs on 21 February 2011 (01:00-02:00 CET). Here: http://www.elektrana.net/blogs/vrhovny/503-next-week-hypnagothique-25-antiquing-vol-11.html

2011. február 15., kedd

Gras - Wassermann

The Infinite Process of Absorbing

The monotonous noise of bypassing cars drags me away from sleep and into another day. Time doesn't exist, there are just processes and my whole life seems to be tied to an infinite process like the neverending looping sound of the cars outside my small apartment. I open the door, however unable to open the walls of isolation that seperate me from mankind.
Sitting down beside the road, I feel the wet grass with my fingers. I peel off some leaves and gaze at them with my eyes. Drops seep down silently into nowhere where they melt with my feelings.
Like sitting in a diving belt I float through the strange but yet self-created environment of my own subconsciousness, greedily absorbing images and sentiments I had forgotten and repressed for such a long time. My own existence seems to dissolve and drift away like dust in the wind, far beyond the walls of fear and melancholia.
A delightful tickling surrounds my head and muffles my body - it's grass.
Here: http://www.stadtgruenlabel.net/

2011. február 11., péntek

Clouds In My Home - First

Clouds In My Home - White Blue Black
Label: Passage, Passage
Catalog#: PASS002, pass002
Format: 4 x File, MP3, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 18 Nov 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient
Clouds In My Home aka Sergey Lazarev. Sergey Lazarev was born in 1981 in Elektrostal near Moscow. He got his education at Moscow State technical university and became a nuclear generators and power installations engineer. Since 2000 he's been involved in experimenting with old analog synthesizers, natural noises and click sounds recorded at different places. Сonsequently Lazzich has built a specific sound concept that strictly defines his musical activity.
Bringing his talents across the scene Lazzich also started to operate with abstract ambient pieces. There are lots of great examples on his own releases and Leavemotte productions so far. Finally he decided to separate his flowing ambient works from proprietary deep techno and micro house tunes by creating Clouds In My Home side unit. Under this alias he acts on Passage and several other foundations.
Passage -- an independent record label covering such musical styles as ambient/electronica, glitch/lo-fi, as well as abstract forms of post-rock and chillwave.
Passage is a part of FUSELab media association.
Free media content presented on their website and other related resources is licensed under Creative Commons License. Please read it carefully before you download any files.
Here: http://fslab.net/passage/pass002-clouds-in-my-home-white-blue-black/

2011. február 9., szerda

Oathless - Winter (A Prelude)

Oathless - Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet
Label: Hawk Moon Records
Catalog#: none
Format: 8 x File, MP3, 320kbs
Country: UK
Released: 29 Nov 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drone, Ambient
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/Oathless-StandingWhereOurPathsShallMeet

2011. február 8., kedd

Inachus - Memento Mori

From the second release by multi instrumentalist Rob Honey, otherwise known as Inachus.
Released: 02 August 2010.
All Songs written, performed and produced by Rob Honey. A limited number of hard copies with artwork were made and the album was also released free to download. Here: http://hawkmoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/inachus

2011. február 7., hétfő

Sina - Lesko Deep

Sina - Lesko Deep from the Código Binario-Cero. An amazing compilation from one of my favorite netlabel; Tres Catorce.
Here: http://trescatorce.0fees.net/

Crashed By Car - Dollars In Our Jeans

Crashed By Car - Fictions And Fires EP
The Fictions And Fires EP is a spectacularly well-crafted piece of organic electronics, with highlights including the smooth drift of "Full Speed Dead", the muted triumph of "Bees", and the almost Harold Budd-esque ambient beauty of "Skylight FacingMyself".
It's a sign of the changing electronica scene, maybe, that more and more good artists are coming out of the States to meld organic waveforms with the pure Scandinavian tones often released on Monotonik, and Crashed By Car's idyllic sounds are another blissful step towards unity.
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/mtk115

2011. február 6., vasárnap

Nocow - Slow down

Nocow - The World Inside Us
Label: DedPop
Format: 5 x File, MP3
Released: 2008
Nocow likes to experiment with music. Rules mean little to him, he does what he wants. Never knowing where his music will take him next, the possibilities are endless. His music, his world. The world inside...
Here: http://dedpop.co.uk/ded003

2011. február 5., szombat

Burial-Broken Home

"When I'm awake all night, sometimes I see the people and the city waking up around me. I feel a little bit moody at them for stepping into my night-time. What I want is that feeling when you're in the rain, or a storm. It's a shiver at the edge of your mind, an atmosphere of hearing a sad, distant sound, but it seems closer - like it's just for you. Like hearing rain or a whale-song, a cry in the dark, the far cry." - Burial.

Specta Ciera - All Around The Trees

Specta Ciera - Snowflake Collections
Label: Secret Station
Catalog#: SS-09
Format: 4 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: US
Released: 31 Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo, Ambient
Specta Ciera is a project pseudonym of experimental sound designer Devin Underwood (also 1/2 of Drexon Field), located in Cambridge, MA. His work typically comprises of ambient drones, field recordings and avant garde electronics, although he is keen to experiment through different techniques as each release comes out.
"Secret Station is a totally independent electronic/acoustic music label started in April 2009 by me (Eric Watson aka Lunar Testing Lab). I started it as an outlet for some of my own self released cdr's and downloads, and to give some other great artists a chance to get their own releases out there. The name Secret Station is a reference to the book 'Secret Signals, The Euronumbers Mystery' by Simon Mason, about numbers stations transmitted on shortwave radio channels." - Secret Station.
Here: http://secretstationrecords.com/Specta-Ciera---Snowflake-Collections.php

2011. február 3., csütörtök

Asuka - Pollen Jacket

Asuka - Doom Flowers
Label: Sociopath Recordings
Catalog#: SRmp3 197
Format: 9 x File, Album, MP3, 128 kbps
Country: Taiwan
Released: 31 Dec 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, IDM
Sociopath Recordings, a Net label with free downloadable music from Taiwan.
Breakcore/idm/drum'n'bass/hardcore/exper­imental/leftfield electronica style...
Here: http://sociopath-recordings-releases.blogspot.com/2010/12/srmp3-197-asuka-doom-flowers.html

Eftexem - To Whom I May Concern

Eftexem - No name ep. 9 minutes of absolutely beatless, blissful travels into orchestral soundscapes and pianos. Enchanting, charming and esotheric, 3 tracks of pure emotion, of pure intimacy that Eftexem has the goodwill to share with us. Beauty and sadness, melded into music.
Ronin Collective is a crew of artists distributing their material freely online, all the while reinventing their own margins, progressing, and exploring the many different facets of electronic music and art. Eclectic and unpredictable, we strive to represent Ran as well as structure, and seek to meld wisdom and music, awareness and art with Individuality and Authenticity.
Ronin Collective was a free netlabel covering a wide range of experimental audio goodness. With new releases every month, free for the downloading.
Label is now defunct, but releases are archived at Camomille Music.
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/ronincollective021

2011. február 2., szerda

Scott Taylor - A dawn frost on cathedral spire

Winter Sunday; a five track ep written and produced by Scott Taylor (Touch, Phonography, Sijis).
Based on field recordings made in Barcelona (around the old cathedral), Paris (Notre Damme cathedral organ) and London, this work should be considered secular music in its basis and intent.
These elements were elaborated and trasformed in organics compositions where each track developes a sound environment. Ambient, isolationism... quite space; on this recording Scott attemps to create a calm interval on a sonic environment as saturated as the environment that surrounds us every day.
CONV is a non-profit, net label based in Madrid, Spain. It is focused in experimental sound art and video. The aim is to promote independent releases by artists from all over the world who are creating and processing sound in unconventional ways.
All releases are free for download with artwork under Creative Commons Licenses.
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/cnv04

Blisaed - Showing her what youre made of

Blisaed - Hopeless, Falling From EP
Label: Monotonik
Catalog#: mtk.mp3.127
Format: File, MP3, EP, 160 kbps
Country: US
Released: 29 Feb 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Downtempo
Monotonik; a netlabel for IDM, breakbeats and chiptunes. It was launched in 1996 out of the .MOD/tracker scene and boasts over 350 downloadable releases.
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/mtk127

2011. február 1., kedd

Jonathan Jindra - The Heart Is Infinite

Jonathan Jindra - Monera
Label: Retronym
Catalog#: RYN013
Format: 10 x File, MP3, 320kbs
Country: US
Released: 08 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Ambient
Jonathan Jindra takes an exploration through patient, brooding ambience. A post-noise excursion with influences hailing back to the kosmische era, drawing out imagery of dark machinery and primitive electronics. Monera is an album that could well have been crafted in the Radiophonic Workshop, had it been built in an ice tunnel accommodating spirits who wailed into its endlessness; a release which feels very personal, rewards reaped when hidden depths are uncovered with more attentive listening, perfect for when the lights are dim and the distractions are at a minimum. A truly thought provoking experience.
"The idea for Retronym all started in 2008 when two long-time friends realised that there were a lot of awfully talented artists out in the world that weren't getting the recognition they deserved. Well, some of them were, but that still wasn't enough. The growth in popularity of internet-based record labels prompted the birth of a creative hub to collect and promote all forms of expression and artistic ideas, to create a new culture of self-expression without limits or boundaries. A place where people can withold nothing. Sounds pretentious doesn't it? Well thankfully it isn't, because we fucking hate them apples.
If it gives us an insight into the unique way every individual mind works - be it sound, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, stories, photography, hand-sewn teddybears, custom designed wallpaper, clothing, films, or anything else your lovely little mind can conjure up, chances are that we love it." - Retronym.
Audio and visuals released under the Creative Commons License.
Here: http://www.retronym.co.uk/rtn013/

Trills - Pathways

Trills - Citrus Drop
Label: Archaic Horizon
Catalog#: AH015
Format: File, MP3, 192 kbps
Country: US
Released: 07 Jul 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, IDM, Downtempo, Ambient
With slightly glitching beats and energetic analog synths Trills has created a lively style whose vibrancy is perfect for the early waking hours of the day. As Jonathan Jindra's (aka Trills) first release, Citrus Drop stands out with its musical compositions that vividly color outside the lines and consistently shift hues to realize his animated sonic vision.
Archaic Horizon is a net record label that distributes experimental electronic music for free under the protection of creative commons licensing.
Here: http://archaichorizon.com/releases/AH015?from_page=6