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Logical Disorder - Pandemonium

Logical Disorder -- Diseases And Pleasures
Label: Digital Kunstrasen
Catalog#: dka037
Format: File, EP, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Experimental
Logical Disorder is the name of the therapy that Javier Barrero use to balance their sinusoidal sense of duty. He develops his sounds focusing on ambient and post industrialism, remembering sometimes pop phrases and sometimes epic funeral melodies.
Digital Kunstrasen is a netlabel which has been founded in april, 2005. The purpose of Digital Kunstrasen ist the publication and circulation of musik, lyric and art. Depending on personal likings and the general quality of the work, we decide which proceedings are made. In the musical sector, mainly EPs and small albums, singles and samplers are published; in the sections of lyric and art you can find single text- and photobooks and other artworks like calendars.
Since juli 2007 we also publish a DK-magazine, which is engaged in various topics and artists. The magazine can be downloaded as a PDF-File, is for free as well an appears usually every second month.
Additionally and every now and then, Digital Kunstrasen present netlabel-partys (usually in cooperation with other labels or hosts) and develops new artistic ideas.
All the music tracks, artworks, texts, poems, stories and images you find at Digital Kunstrasen are provided under the Creative Commons License.

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