2010. szeptember 28., kedd

Nujabes-space between two worlds

Music is mine
Music is yours
And world is mine
World is yours
Music is love.....

せば じゅん (Seba Jun)
Born: 1973 in Japan.
Died: 26 February 2010 in Tokyo.
Rest in beats mate....

2010. szeptember 27., hétfő

Dejaru - Freeman

Dejaru - Bending Shadows
Free and legal download under Creative Commons License here:

2010. szeptember 25., szombat

Snow Tale #3

"I woke up this morning and found that outside
it was snowing. We have had a fair bit of snow recently and it has
seemed to coincide with my creativity and composing, as I have been
writing a lot more than usual. I was watching the snow/sleet hit the
ground and just melt away, as it wasn’t settling. The idea that something has fallen from such a great height, it finally gets to the
ground and as soon as it has landed it has disappeared almost seems
desperate to me and I think it can be used as a metaphor for many
things in life. This is just a very rough piece of music but I have
tried to include every element of weather that I have seen today and
the way it has made me feel.
I hope you enjoy it, I can also make it downloadable on request."

Free and legal download of this utterly beautiful music, here:

2010. szeptember 20., hétfő

woodworkings - sinking or swimming

Baltimore's Kyle Woodworth, aka Woodworkings, has been combining bits of acoustic guitar, ambient electronics, and noise for years.After several self-released EPs and various other projects, he's put his nose to the grindstone and assembled a full-length album.The title We Sit on Floors We Stand on Chairs insinuates a certain obstinancy - this album is not going to conform to the status quo.Rather than giving the listener a straightforward dose of anything, it represents an amalgamation of multiple genres and tastes.Combining static elements with the strings of Gordon Withers,the album makes its own rules.
Sinking or Swimming ebbs and flows in a more extreme fashion, featuring the elements of violence, struggle, hope, and triumph; it gives the listener a sense of unabashed truth through the perspective of survival.Toward the end, some distorted sound bites are thrown in, deepening the human element.
Each song contains its own journey,making the album a collection of short stories rather than a chapter novel.And yet a larger story still seems to come across: one of thwarted predictions and flipped expectations.Woodworth sits on floors and stands on chairs, and invites us to do the same...
Free and legal download of this utterly beautiful and interesting album here:

2010. szeptember 18., szombat

Sanderson Dear - In Between The Raindrops

An excellent ep from Sanderson Dear (Toronto, Canada).
Free and legal download here:

2010. szeptember 14., kedd

IJO - A Soundtrack To 3

IJO (aka Audrius Vaitiekūnas) was born in Klaipėda (Lithuania) – where you can see the Baltic Sea. His utterly beautiful debut album Melancholika was released on Surfaces net label in the autumn of 2003.
Free and legal download, under Creative Commons License here:

Abyssal Plains - Orphic Forest

An excellent release from Kahvi -Abyssal Plains - Pictures in Sound. Free and legal download under Creative Commons License here:

2010. szeptember 12., vasárnap

SANKT OTTEN - Ein Himmel voller Galgen

The atmosphere is everything and the music is something like a warm blanket to cover your ears in order to sleep and join some perfect dreams. The album Morgen Wieder Lustig is definitely for night times, the sight and the view could draw in front of your eyes is fantastic. Excellent compositions with a beautiful structure and a more complicated sound collage.....

2010. szeptember 10., péntek

SANKT OTTEN - Wunden gibt es immer wieder

Sankt Otten has indeed performed a wondrous feat in finding that point in which simplicity equals beauty and the harmony between music and space has found the perfect balance. Its like standing in front of a piece of art that is so captivating and yet so simple that you cant look away. Its mesmerizing, beautiful and yet dark and desperate at the same time. Sankt Otten's Wunden Gibt Es Immer Wieder is the soundtrack to your thoughts, packed full of dramatic sequences and riveting sensory visions. So simple and yet so amazingly powerful.

2010. szeptember 9., csütörtök

Mikael Fyrek - Splendor Of Scarlet And Gold

Mikael Fyrek- In riots of color they spin.

Free and legal download under Creative Commons License here:


Floating Spirits - Distant Reflection 2010

Ambient dub with ethereal soundscapes...the record crackles and hisses along with just the right amount of rhythm without detracting from its chilled atmosphere. Perfect for both sunshine and late night listening.
Free and legal download under Creative Commons License here:

immerse yourself in "Transmit"... :o)

Prurient - Spins The Worlds Wheel Again

Pastel garden: join me in necromanced sunlight after the deluge of these relentless hails, signing the tips of our tongues a powder-cream like the flesh of new earth weathers. a wet canopy of vines curl across the sun where leaves tear gutters. swords of light fall through and meet the earth with a flower's whisper. pollen rides all skin. unfold and wane. i want to rest my head in your tender stomach. be the nude grave of yawning windows for me. let us clash and sleep in primal shape while all the lost deaths of this century clothe the marble beneath our skin. rub this gristle through me like cruel medicine on tip of your arrow fingertips. rip, cut, pour through me that which now sings in heaven. draw the anatomy of the universe 'cross these bones and let your womb sigh as my lips join the sculpture of your breast. love me apocalyptic into a broken carriage and use what is left to build the barricade around your love.

2010. szeptember 7., kedd

Ocoeur - In Time On a Cloud

Les hommes ne savent pas voler. Man cannot fly. Cannot fly and have forgotten the way of dreaming, desiring and missing desires. Of remembering what creates them and what destroys them. Of losing the value for the little things and how to degrade them; degrade them to finally destroy them. "Les hommes ne savent pas voler" represents a selection of 14 sons from Ocoeur, French artist, that situate us in an oniric and psychodelic fairy tail, IDM rifed with details and thorough fantastic sounds.
Free and legal download here:

Have a nice trip.

Christoph Schindling - Reentry

Utterly beautiful ep from Christoph Schindling - Expressions (released on 03 Jul 2010). Free and legal download, under Creative Commons License here:

2010. szeptember 6., hétfő

Mikael Fyrek - Things I See

Utterly beautiful ep....
Free and legal download, under Creative Commons License here:

2010. szeptember 4., szombat

Max Richter - Infra 5

Richter's music could broadly be classified as neo-classical, or
ambient, or electro-acoustic chamber music.These descriptors give you
an idea of his sound, but they don't tell you what the music feels
like.So while I can recognize those generic touchstones,i hear Richter's music first as night music, sound that makes darkness feel
alive.It's as though music allows us to see the melancholy or even futility
of activities we take for granted. The more mundane the activity and
the more achingly gorgeous the music, the more we feel the effect. And
this music is achingly gorgeous. It's also uncomplicated. If one were
to transcribe it, it would look childishly simple on the page: long,
held notes, a few repeating phrases locked together, some strings
working their way through a chord progression, note by note. But it's
not the substance of the music that matters so much as the way it's all
put together, and the way the composer understands timbre and what it
can suggest...

Infra was originally conceived as a 25-minute score for a Royal Ballet collaboration between composer Max Richter, choreographer Wayne McGregor and visual artist Julian Opie which premiered in November 2008 and was also broadcast on BBC2. Fleshed out to just over 40 minutes through the inclusion of outtakes and extended sections, the soundtrack was recently revisited and recorded by Richter and a string quintet with a view to documenting the ballet and giving the musical accompaniment a life of its own.
I should note that the original inspiration for the whole collaborative project was T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land.

2010. szeptember 3., péntek

Skytree - Algae Rhythm

Free mp3 available here (track exclusive to video project): http://skytree.earstroke.com/Public/A...

While - Edit

From the ep Besides, released in 2004.....
Free and legal download under Creative Commons License here:

Ben Woods - Leaning On Atrophy

Capturing the elegance and emotion of sheer minimalism; Ben Woods from the album Liaise In Silence. Free and legal download here:

Direct link:

2010. szeptember 1., szerda

Atmogat - One for the Past

From: Elpa39: Elpa Seventh Compilation - Straume (April 2, 2010)
Free and legal download, under Creative Commons License here: