2011. április 14., csütörtök

Getzel - Oblivion

Fukushima Symphony; an audio work by:
Piper_Ben (Germany)
Getzel (Mexico).
Released 10 April 2011

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  1. Hello Igor.
    I'm Héctor Ortiz (a.k.a. Getzel).
    Is very nice to see you like my music. What do you think about of the new split album with Piper_Ben? Give me your opinion.
    Thanks a lot for the support!!
    One thing: my facebook account has been blocked, DAMN!! But you can find me in my band's profile, here it is:
    Cheers from Mexico!

  2. Hello Héctor!
    Fanx for the info mate, and please accept my apologies for my late reply.
    Facebook became unreliable lately, don't worry about that....
    As for your new split album i like it a lot, thank you for share it with us all. Oblivion is my favorite on it. Fanx me mate! :o)