2011. április 23., szombat

Kshatriy - 060706 (Remix Places)

A journey unlike any other that I've embarked upon; through mapless terrain and dreamlike places. A cyber garden with thousands of sonic flowers....
Here: http://www.circlesandlines.org/candl03.html

2011. április 21., csütörtök

Logical Disorder - Pandemonium

Logical Disorder -- Diseases And Pleasures
Label: Digital Kunstrasen
Catalog#: dka037
Format: File, EP, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Experimental
Logical Disorder is the name of the therapy that Javier Barrero use to balance their sinusoidal sense of duty. He develops his sounds focusing on ambient and post industrialism, remembering sometimes pop phrases and sometimes epic funeral melodies.
Digital Kunstrasen is a netlabel which has been founded in april, 2005. The purpose of Digital Kunstrasen ist the publication and circulation of musik, lyric and art. Depending on personal likings and the general quality of the work, we decide which proceedings are made. In the musical sector, mainly EPs and small albums, singles and samplers are published; in the sections of lyric and art you can find single text- and photobooks and other artworks like calendars.
Since juli 2007 we also publish a DK-magazine, which is engaged in various topics and artists. The magazine can be downloaded as a PDF-File, is for free as well an appears usually every second month.
Additionally and every now and then, Digital Kunstrasen present netlabel-partys (usually in cooperation with other labels or hosts) and develops new artistic ideas.
All the music tracks, artworks, texts, poems, stories and images you find at Digital Kunstrasen are provided under the Creative Commons License.

Pois - Strange toy

Pois -- Resìne
Label: Nulogic Netlabel
Catalog#: Nu-Logic023
Format: 6 × File, MP3, 128 kbps
Country: Spain
Released: 10 Jun 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Minimal, Ambient
From Naples comes POIS, pleasant and suggestive electronic. Resìne is the title of this reference composed of six cuts of ambient passages filled with glitches and industrial sounds. Warm and generous melodies accompany them at all times this journey through Resìne.
Nulogic Net Label creates under the need of creation, feels, shares, and explores new areas. A let go, a path to run without worries of where it will lead to, music for the cause, roots, mutations, prefabricated memories. Without closing itself to a type of music. Nulogic is open to all projects. Innovation, risk, amusement and passion. A meeting point for creators and tasters of sonorous textures. A dialog between man and machine, a dialog which content is hardly readable and can transport you to places so distant as nearby. Undecoded and primary. A part of ourselves which communicates before comprehension, a radar in search of similar. A specie in degenerative routes who still resists to mass.
Nulogic Netlabel, founded, owned and operated by DDO (aka David Díaz Ortega).
The published work is under Creative Commons's license.

2011. április 15., péntek

Piper_Ben - Into The Great White Nothing

"The concept and main theme for us is ambient music and variable
substyles which depicts completeness and perfection of nature around
and also put you in special state of mind observing it." - Circlesandlines Recordings.

2011. április 14., csütörtök

Blue Sky Research - Sleep

Blue Sky Research -- See Things
Label: Hippocamp
Catalog#: hc009
Format: 4 × File, MP3, 160 kbps
Country: UK
Released: 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo
What is Hippocamp.net? - it's a web based music label and community that releases free music and media from up-and-coming artists.
What is a Hippocamp? - a Hippocamp is a mythical sea creature, half fish and half horse. It is also a region in the brain, a shortened version of the word Hippocampus.
How do I get involved? - We've released music by people all over the world, as the site's grown the quality of the music has increased with it. When the site begun we tried to put out all the music that was sent to us but now unfortunately we've had to limit the output.
Is there any money involved? - No, everything on the site is free. No money has ever changed hands apart from the website hosting fee and it'll hopefully stay that way.
Where is it based? - Most of the artists live in or originate from Manchester, UK - but its not exclusively a Northern thing.
When did it all begin? - Hippocamp went online in May 2001. Or maybe 2000, not too sure.
All releases are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
HIPPOCAMP May 2001 - July 2010 http://www.hippocamp.net/
Blue Sky Research -- See Things http://www.archive.org/details/hc009

Getzel - Oblivion

Fukushima Symphony; an audio work by:
Piper_Ben (Germany)
Getzel (Mexico).
Released 10 April 2011

2011. április 13., szerda

Monopole - Across the wire

Richard Sudney (a.k.a. Monopole, Telegraphy) creates electronic music in his basement where he lives, in a suburb of Detroit. This self-taught visual artist and electronics guru makes his compilations out of field recordings that he took while roaming around empty factories and abandoned buildings around the city of Detroit.
Inside his basement, surrounded by various old analog electronics and antique vacuum tube communications equipment, monopole dabbles around, manipulating microsamples by ways of using home built audio processors and freely accessible computer programs.
As a person that has grown up in such a prolific electronic music city, you would think that he is very heavily influenced by that music scene, but you'd be mistaken. Monopole's influences range from 1920's and 30's big band jazz to orchestral music, though he is no stranger to electronic music, and listens to styles such as minimal, ambient and, of coarse, Detroit techno.
Huddled in his dark basement, monopole will remain, figuring out new ways to mold normal every day sounds into abnormal wonderful sounds.

2011. április 11., hétfő

Koutaro Fukui - Fltic

Koutaro Fukui - Between Objects
Label: EKO Netlabel
Catalog#: EKO 004
Format: File, MP3, 256 kbps
Country: France
Released: 01 May 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Experimental, Ambient
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/Eko004-koutaroFukui-betweenObjects

2011. április 10., vasárnap

Aless - Like Looking Through Broken Glass

Aless - i'mmobile
Label: Distance Recordings
Catalog#: DIST017
Format: 7 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Country: US
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drone, Experimental, Ambient
This month is our second anniversary and to celebrate we bring you this stunning album of deep, textured sonic exploration from Boise Idaho's, Hope Hampton. Hope is a classically trained violinist and pianist, but here she turns her talents toward digital signal processing; however, traces of her classical roots can be inferred from the fine attention to detail and careful use of space demonstrated throughout the album. We are proud to be able to release this, Hope's debut album, on Distance.
Distance Recordings is an internet based record label releasing music ranging from pure Eno-esque ambience to more aggressive noise, folk inspired drone, electro-acoustic and dreamy shoegaze styles of music. Since 2008, Distance has been supporting Creative Commons licensing and the free music movement by providing all releases free of charge in high quality formats 320K MP3 and FLAC. We believe in offering high quality music, we believe in DIY, and we believe in labors of love. - Distance Recordings.
Here: http://distancerecordings.com/dist017

2011. április 9., szombat

Xenoton - On ono inakte (Xenoton edit)

NQ -
Omghi2u2 (Remix Compilation)
Dedicated to the possibilities the internet has to offer besides dating lines, commercial use and total boredom, this compilation assembles 6 artists reworking material by NQ.
For all the late night chats, for the knowledge that is shared through various internet forums, for the friendship.
6 tracks by 6 artists from 5 different cities and 3 countries, offering little beauties that range from subtle movements and textures to abstract beat structures....
Here: http://www.tonatom.net/releases/tA_E_nqrmx/

2011. április 7., csütörtök

Telegraphy - As I Sit In The Corner Alone

Telegraphy - Telegraphy E.P.
Label: Elpa
Catalog#: [elpa33]
Format: File, MP3
Country: Latvia
Released: 10 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental
"Micro samples of field recording that I made while roaming around abandon factory's and houses in the Detroit area, are the next level of electronic music after the synthesizer and processor. It gives the impression of lofi but still maintains the electronic feel." - Telegraphy
Our artists try to ensure that you have spent this time comfortably." - Elpa
The music that we search can be categorized as Melodic Electronica.
For example it can be ambient over idm till electro, but in your own new way and understanding.
Web releases will exist as .mp3 or limited cd-r accompanied by artwork.
Web releases will be available for free. - Elpa.
The content is licensed under a Creative Commons License 3.0.
Here: http://elpamusic.blogspot.com/2010/01/elpa33-telegraphy-telegraphy-ep.html
Also on the artist own website, the metal-oxide-malfunction. Metal-oxide-malfunction is a micro-netlable founded in early 2010 by sound artist Richard Sudney. The mission is simple, provide an outlet for experimental electronic music with emphasis ranging from ambient, found-sound, and field recordings to organic techno.
Here: http://metal-oxide-malfunction.webs.com/

macabro - Shine Like We Used To

macabro - Drink To The Drowned Ones
Label: Bypass Netlabel
Catalog#: BP021
Format: 9 × File, MP3, Album, 192 kbps
Country: China
Released: 25 Feb 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drone, Experimental, Ambient
macabro is an electronic project from Latvia founded in 2006. As the time moved on the music has seen an evolution from harsher noisy sound to warm ambient atmospheres. Now he mainly experiments with drones and field recordings, along with using a huge variety of different sounds and self-made samples, such as bells, whistles, xylophones etc. The newer works might even be considered as guitar ambient, although guitar sound is fairly modified, sometimes to an unrecognizable degree.
Drink To The Drowned Ones represents warm guitar sounding mixed with analogue-like drones and deep atmospheres. The album's concept is an emotional journey into the very depth of the bluest sea. But no! this journey will not be tragic or funeral-like, it is rather a thoughtful and melancholic soundtrack.. just looking at the ever-shining sun with opened eyes of a drowned man.
Bypass is a netlabel based in China, established in 2008, currently releasing electronica, idm, ambient, and experimental music.
All music is free to download for non-profit uses under Creative Commons License.
Here: http://sonicsquirrel.net/detail/release/Drink+To+The+Drowned+Ones/6802

2011. április 5., kedd

Vidas M - Driven To Sleep

Vidas M: Inside Flows
Release Date: : 2010 10 15
Label: Night Music
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
About Night Music: Vision of Night Music was hatched for a long time.
The initial idea of the project changed for a few times but with every new conception, with every new possibilities we've discovered shapes, images and scene for our music imagination.
So, what you see now is our finally implemented and most recent work.
Night Music priorities are to produce natural, interesting and comprehensive music reviews together with sharing free releases from various net labels.
Since our project was born in Lithuania, special attention will be given for lituanian artists.
We promise to write about various musical directions noting widely-known and less-heard names
Our other trend is special releases such as albums, mixes and compilations, made exclusively for Night Music.
All these releases are and always will be free of charge and available for distribution to anyone who is interested in electronic music.
We are contributing with various artists from all over the world to bring fresh and sophisticated content to your ears and eyes.
Visi darbai išleisti "Night Music" apsaugoti Creative Commons licenzija.
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/VidasM-InsideFlows

2011. április 4., hétfő

Komatsu - Skam-on

Komatsu - Espejo Mirada
Label: Audiovisual Theorem
Catalog#: AVTheorem010
Format: File, MP3
Country: Spain
Released: 09 Mar 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Ambient
Free release under Creative Commons License.
"Espejo mirada" is the first album from Komatsu, the most personal alias from the well-known asturian producer Hector Sandovales el primer largo de Komatsu. The face under he becomes a wizard of the melodies and the static happiness to give free rein to his digital ambient and silky electronics debtor of the better Autechre or Boards of Canada sound.
The 10th release ofAudiovisual Theorem is a special trip between glitches and geometric rhythms, through the most melodic avant-techno and the emotional idm.
Audiovisual Theorem; a Spanish netlabel created on the 9th of March 2007.
Audiovisual Theorem present new talents and emergent projects involved in audio and video.
The goal of Audiovisual Theorem is the broadcasting of the projects of all the artists who compose it, to continue growing and trying to show an own way based on the ideas of these producing young people.
Audiovisual Theorem makes room for all type of experimental creation that does not have like its commercialization and traditional distribution.
Audiovisual Theorem is a space where the main objective is the sonorous and visual enrichment, where images and audio cohabit fighting to subsist as an expression form and not as an consumption object of the imperialistic mercantilism.
Here: http://www.audiovisualtheorem.com/avtheorem010_eng.html

2011. április 3., vasárnap

Soutien Gorge - Szerelmes Nóta

Soutien Gorge - Szerelmes Nóta / Délutániád
Label: Boltfish Recordings
Catalog#: BOLTDIGI004
Format: 2 x File, MP3, 192 kbps
Country: UK
Released: 29 May 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM
Boltfish Recordings; launched in January 2004, Boltfish Recordings is owned and run by CHEjU and MINT, long time musical collaborators and friends. Their exploration into experimental sound dates back as far as the mid-1980s and they have been pushing the boundaries ever since. Boltfish is a music label specialising in electronic, cinematic and organic sounds. This includes electro, IDM, glitch, and atmospheric. Boltfish releases most of its music online and free of charge as well as on CD or CD-R at cost price. They are a non-profit label.
"My relationship with music is more or less passionate, like a first love, raw and simply delicious. Depending on what I pick up each year, I more or less fall for it like a teenager. These are usually fleeting love affairs, but occasionally, the new seed takes root and feeds my nostalgia. The latest work from Soutien Gorge ( aka András Hargitai and Róbert Potys from Hungary), is another of these magnificent loving episodes. Upon hearing this two track EP it quickly transported me to some years ago, when I actually was a teenager with a less hectic life."
"Van nekem egy virágom, azt neked adom, jó? Én úgy hívom, hogy gondoljrám virág." (I have a flower, I'll give it to you, right? I call it "think about me"-flower).....
Tessék itt a link: http://www.archive.org/details/BOLTDIGI004

2011. április 2., szombat

Jack Anderton - Pond Nymphs

"Inspired by an idea of a couple's honeymoon that for unknown reasons never takes place, The Missing Couple is a journey through the jilted landscape they would have visited- part real- part their imaginations. This area of coastline in England, with nearby woods and pathways, is brought to life with synths, field recordings and occasional acoustic guitar melodies to make a heady mix of nostalgic, beautiful, sometimes sad music that aims to be part dreamscape/part landscape, dwelling on themes of solitude, immersion, and an implacable sense of regret." - Jack Anderton
Bump Foot is a non-profit netlabel in Japan. There are two main branches. Bump side: techno and house, or based on them. Foot side: ambient, IDM, or etc... other than bump side.
All releases are available exclusively through free downloads under a Creative Commons license.
Here: http://www.bumpfoot.net/foot168.html