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Trans Alp - Rueck

Trans Alp - Strom
Label: Phonocake
Catalog#: Phoke32
Format: 5 x File, MP3, EP, VBR V1
Country: Germany
Released: 11 Aug 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Broken Beat, IDM
"With his roots in the music of dark matter, his first experiences with Tracker Software in the 90ties and a new deepening passion for analogue equipment and acousmatic sounds as well as improvised Techno liveacting under the moniker as Sonic Depth Trap, you can find a very diverse 'music program' around the musician behind Trans Alp. All his releases characterize through a clearity in sound. It it obviously, that he is also quite active as a graphic artist. So he is responsible for some of the good artworks of the latest Phonocake releases. He also designed a Diascope-picture and the outfit of our cassette-release. You can always count on him for organizing event-actions. Together with the poet Andreas Paul he had some presentations, mixing sound and words. His favourite sequencer-software is Energy XT. Since 2008 he is part of the Phonocake-Admins, also listening some of the new Demos. He came to us, putting a Demo-CD in one of our letterboxes. And we were fascinated by his music from the very beginning." - Phonocake.
Phonocake; a German netlabel releasing MP3s of local experimental Ambient, IDM and Electro artists.
"Aiming to present the local electronic music scene on a wider scale, the Dresden based netlabel Phonocake releases electronic music by artists from Dresden since June 1, 2003. Since 2006 we also release music from friends and artists worldwide, from Russia, South America and Europe. We made the online music debuts of artists like Disrupt, Alec Tronic, Modul, Kryptic Universe, Madstyle and Mr. Incognito possible. Our musicians do their music mainly in the free time, but mostly for more than ten years. You can find music in the styles IDM, melodic Electronica, Experimental and all possible combinations of it here. We have a strong free access and free culture attitude. In 2010 we reactivated the label sleepycity.org as our sister label. Besides this Phonocake sees itself as a platform for artists to interact and act locally."
Grab your copy here: http://phonocake.org/release.php?release_id=55&lang=2

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