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Elektr@ - Rheingold

Elektr@ - Die Loreley
Label: TonAtom
Catalog#: tonatom.003
Format: File, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: May 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient
tonAtom is a Germany-based netlabel, founded in march 2002 and is working as a strict non-profit alternative to the established label and publishing system.
tonAtom stands for netvideo and netaudio productions ranging from ambient to experimental, far off from airplay, dancefloor, club or other limitations.
our artists and our releases are selected to be strange and intelligent, challenging and inspiring, timeless and cutting-edge, innovative and essential.
Sabine "Elektr@" Dirksen presents on this exclusive tonAtom-release more than 15 minutes of exciting mindmovies. There is nothing more to say then: take this e.p. to your living room, turn off the lights and light a candle instead, sit down and relax in your chair and take a 15 minute trip with this music. And press the repeat button afterward. - Matthias Reinwarth
Here: http://www.tonatom.net/releases/003/

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