2011. március 13., vasárnap

Abstrakt Reflections is honored to announce the release of Miktek's first full-length album, "Anisotropy". Meticulously crafted from beginning to end; featuring unique percussion, palpable atmosphere and subtle melodies. This highly anticipated release is sure to please fans of ambient, down-tempo and IDM music. In his own words:

"Anisotropy is something different for your ears and not what you usually hear from me. You will listen to the sound of the amazing hang-drum, toms, various percussion, deep ambient pads, down-tempo sounds, abstract and sometimes glitched beats with a chill-out mood..."

# 01. Anisotropy
# 02. Abstract Particles
# 03. Ping
# 04. Collapse (feat. Cellar Door)
# 05. Striped Aurora
# 06. Never To Be Found
# 07. When The Day Breaks
# 08. Total Consciousness (feat. the_empath)
# 09. A Walk In A Cloud IV
# 10. Noosphere
# 11. Apognosis
# 12. Cost Of A Simple Hello
# 13. My End, My Beginning
# 14. The Time Off
# 15. Inner Meditation



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