2011. február 24., csütörtök

Milinal - Artificial & Yellow (feat. Natasha Burinskaya)

Milinal - delicately complex electronics from Yakovlev Valentine, a Russian sailor whose compositions brim with beautifully executed ideas.
Aбсолютное волшебство.... :o)

Who are you?
Valentin Yakovlev from St. Petersburg.

Why do you write music?
Maybe this that where I can feel the force. Where my
brain works most of all. I constantly think of music. Even
when I am operating a specialized task in my work, it
sometimes very much hinders my concentration.

How would you describe your music?
Animated. Aimed for the images and actions.

What does this album mean for you?
I just tried to show some unknown place where you get
drift in a seashell on honey waves. Over you flying
swallows and the fallen down leaves. Where currents
at once promptly pick up you, then slowly turn.

Can you elaborate on some of your creative
There is no never a purpose to create something
defined. Sound behind a sound. sampling to re-
sampling to re-re-sampling... The main thing that I should
feel that I have reached in a track of certain peak of
activity. When you feel a shiver.
‎"St. Petersburg (Russia) based Valentin Yakovlev creates warm emotional electronica with triggered glitches and
tweaked out bleeps. And emotional electronica can not exist without emotion. With this in mind, this 23-year old
Russian sailor, releasing his debut full length under the moniker Milinal, enters the scene, drenching your neurons
in thick cerebral cocktail as prescribed by the IDM doctor. Haunting vocals ping-pong around the stereo field,
beneath the deconstructed guitars and soft synth pads. Micro programmed percussion pushes the rhythm
forward, while plucked guitar strings and processed sounds swirl around in a smoky whirlwind." - Headphone Commute.

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