2011. február 1., kedd

Jonathan Jindra - The Heart Is Infinite

Jonathan Jindra - Monera
Label: Retronym
Catalog#: RYN013
Format: 10 x File, MP3, 320kbs
Country: US
Released: 08 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Ambient
Jonathan Jindra takes an exploration through patient, brooding ambience. A post-noise excursion with influences hailing back to the kosmische era, drawing out imagery of dark machinery and primitive electronics. Monera is an album that could well have been crafted in the Radiophonic Workshop, had it been built in an ice tunnel accommodating spirits who wailed into its endlessness; a release which feels very personal, rewards reaped when hidden depths are uncovered with more attentive listening, perfect for when the lights are dim and the distractions are at a minimum. A truly thought provoking experience.
"The idea for Retronym all started in 2008 when two long-time friends realised that there were a lot of awfully talented artists out in the world that weren't getting the recognition they deserved. Well, some of them were, but that still wasn't enough. The growth in popularity of internet-based record labels prompted the birth of a creative hub to collect and promote all forms of expression and artistic ideas, to create a new culture of self-expression without limits or boundaries. A place where people can withold nothing. Sounds pretentious doesn't it? Well thankfully it isn't, because we fucking hate them apples.
If it gives us an insight into the unique way every individual mind works - be it sound, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, stories, photography, hand-sewn teddybears, custom designed wallpaper, clothing, films, or anything else your lovely little mind can conjure up, chances are that we love it." - Retronym.
Audio and visuals released under the Creative Commons License.
Here: http://www.retronym.co.uk/rtn013/

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