2011. február 3., csütörtök

Eftexem - To Whom I May Concern

Eftexem - No name ep. 9 minutes of absolutely beatless, blissful travels into orchestral soundscapes and pianos. Enchanting, charming and esotheric, 3 tracks of pure emotion, of pure intimacy that Eftexem has the goodwill to share with us. Beauty and sadness, melded into music.
Ronin Collective is a crew of artists distributing their material freely online, all the while reinventing their own margins, progressing, and exploring the many different facets of electronic music and art. Eclectic and unpredictable, we strive to represent Ran as well as structure, and seek to meld wisdom and music, awareness and art with Individuality and Authenticity.
Ronin Collective was a free netlabel covering a wide range of experimental audio goodness. With new releases every month, free for the downloading.
Label is now defunct, but releases are archived at Camomille Music.
Here: http://www.archive.org/details/ronincollective021

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