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Hörschwelle - Trieste

Hörschwelle (Guido Muschack) was born in December 1971 in (East) Berlin, where he spent his whole life. At When being 13 years old, he bought a rare electronic-music record, with the tracks inspired from early electronic artists like Can, Kraftwerk, Vollenweider, Tangerine Dream. This record made significant impression, Guido felt in love in that kind of music. But the catastrophic „culture care" in East Germany and the impossibility to purchase records made him to forget these love for a few years.
But in 1995, late at night after a party, he discovered on TV "Space Night" a collection of Video-Sequences, showing the earth from Space Shuttle, with modern electronic lounge and ambient music on background. This was the reborn of passion for music. Between 1997 and 2005 a lot of time was spent in Berlin clubs like Tresor, Globus, KitKatClub, Berghain and Bar25. So Guido was influenced from styles like techno, deep house, goa, detroit techno, minimal.
He left "loud music" behind, and now the focus is on ambient, deep dub tech, minimal electronic arrangements, with a touch of old school. Having spent some money for pc workstation, DAW and studio equipment Hörschelle now spends hours and hours for experiments with synth sounds and sampled loops, often without a concept, only with the feeling for textures and sweeps, filter envelopes or stacking delay...
Here: soundcloud.com/horschwelle

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