2011. december 2., péntek

Silencio - June (.tape. Remix)

Silencio -- Shades Of Green (Grünezeit Remixed + 1)
Label: Tri Postal -- trip.07
Format: File, MP3, Compilation, 192 kbps
Country: Belgium
Released: 01 Mar 2009
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: IDM, Drone, Experimental, Ambient

In september 2005, Carte Postale released the Silencio's album "Grûnezeit", an ambient opus about introspective, contemplative and delicate soundscapes composed by Julien Demoulin (also Eglantine records manager) . Here's the remix version !

Tri Postal's parent Label: Carte Postale Records; Belgian independant micro-label from namur established in 2003.

tripostal (french term you can translate in english by mail sorting) is a free sub-label for the belgian independent physical label Carte Postale Records.
tripostal is dedicated to "post-everything-you-want" and emerging sounds be they electronic or acoustic. It's a home for Carte Postale Records's friends, artists we met on the net or in the true life since 2003.
http://www.tripostal.be/ All these works are licenced under Creative Commons Licence.

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