2011. november 29., kedd

Atrio Serenade - El Cielo cuenta su Historia (Sanderson's deriva costero...

"Atrio Serenade is a sound / musical project created from 2009 by Gerardo Astete.
Atrium Serenade is focused on developing a sound artistic expression, focusing on deep atmosphere full of peace, beauty and simplicity with the goal;
achieve an intimate connection with our thoughts, reflect the fragility of life, the subtlety of each day, the importance of emotions, feelings and a great respect for nature, through styles from the drone, field records, ambient, soundscape, techno and dub.
Astete Gerardo's soundman / Chilean national audiovisual technician, addicted to science fiction literature, philosophy and poetry." -- A.S.

More info here: http://atrioserenade.bandcamp.com/track/el-cielo-cuenta-su-historia-sanderson...
or here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Atrio-Serenade/130399183698454

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