2011. december 2., péntek

Nogaro - Inside Land

Nogaro -- Domestic Colours
Label: Tri Postal -- trip.5
Format: 7 × File, MP3, 192 kbps
Country: Belgium
Released: 18 Jul 2007
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Electro, Downtempo

Nogaro is a personal project of a very active guy : Sébastien Wilkin, well known in Belgium thanks his first band called Tongue (stopped in 2003 after supports for Piano Magic, Yuppie Flu, etc). Sébastien Wilkin is also the lead singer and composer of Silicon (including David Hougardy, guitar in Sweek). Nice galaxy !
In "Domestic Colours", Nogaro delivers some quiet electro-pop pieces... Enjoy.

Tri Postal's parent Label: Carte Postale Records; Belgian independant micro-label from namur established in 2003.

tripostal (french term you can translate in english by mail sorting) is a free sub-label for the belgian independent physical label Carte Postale Records.
tripostal is dedicated to "post-everything-you-want" and emerging sounds be they electronic or acoustic. It's a home for Carte Postale Records's friends, artists we met on the net or in the true life since 2003.
http://www.tripostal.be/ All these works are licenced under Creative Commons Licence.

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