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Komatsu - El ocaso

"Komatsu present us his second release for Audiovisual Theorem after his debut with"Efecto prisma".
Cuerpos alineados is an ep made up of 5 silky tracks of sofa's electronics in the way of his last work." - Audiovisual Theorem

Komatsu -- Cuerpos Alineados
Label: Audiovisual Theorem -- AVTheorem002
Format: File, MP3
Country: Spain
Released: 20 May 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract

Komatsu is Hector Sandoval's most personal and intimate alter ego. The mask under which he unrestrainedly puts forth his digital creaks electronica, digital ambient and silky electronica heir to the best work of avantgarde electronica pillars such as Bola or Boards of Canada.
In 1994 he starts his career as a dj after several years of residences and sets and starts his work as a producer in 1998. Exium (techno, detroit) and Corujo & Sandoval (house, tech-house, tribal) are his first projects and both were shared with Valentin Corujo. Throughout all these years he has released works for Warm Up, Zet, Noize, Tsunami, Equator, Main Out, New Era, Nheoma, Numb, Sunn, Rexxistance, Kabaret... and he's been at the cabins like Florida 135, Space, La Terraza, Fabrik, Pagoa, Awakenings... In parallel he starts to exlplore different musical sides in projects such as:
Lego my ego (Hip-hop, Trip-hop): "Ritmos suaves, sonidos gordos" is their first album on Three Point Recs.
Exfium: audio-visual proposal together with the artistic collective Fiumfoto. 2005 winners of Bilbo Rock in the electronic music section.
Metazoo (Minimal, electro) with works published on Cray 1 labworks and his own label Fiction Film.

Audiovisual Theorem is a Spanish netlabel created on the 9th of March 2007, born to be a space of free visual and sonorous production, without no type of limits or labels;

The goal of Audiovisual Theorem is the broadcasting of the projects of all the artists who compose it, to continue growing and trying to show an own way based on the ideas of these producing young people.

Audiovisual Theorem makes room for all type of experimental creation that does not have like its commercialization and traditional distribution.

Audiovisual Theorem is a space where the main objective is the sonorous and visual enrichment, where images and audio cohabit fighting to subsist as an expression form and not as an consumption object of the imperialistic mercantilism.

Free and legal download of this breathtaking EP here: http://www.archive.org/details/Komatsu-CuerposAlineados
more info here: http://www.audiovisualtheorem.com/

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