2010. szeptember 20., hétfő

woodworkings - sinking or swimming

Baltimore's Kyle Woodworth, aka Woodworkings, has been combining bits of acoustic guitar, ambient electronics, and noise for years.After several self-released EPs and various other projects, he's put his nose to the grindstone and assembled a full-length album.The title We Sit on Floors We Stand on Chairs insinuates a certain obstinancy - this album is not going to conform to the status quo.Rather than giving the listener a straightforward dose of anything, it represents an amalgamation of multiple genres and tastes.Combining static elements with the strings of Gordon Withers,the album makes its own rules.
Sinking or Swimming ebbs and flows in a more extreme fashion, featuring the elements of violence, struggle, hope, and triumph; it gives the listener a sense of unabashed truth through the perspective of survival.Toward the end, some distorted sound bites are thrown in, deepening the human element.
Each song contains its own journey,making the album a collection of short stories rather than a chapter novel.And yet a larger story still seems to come across: one of thwarted predictions and flipped expectations.Woodworth sits on floors and stands on chairs, and invites us to do the same...
Free and legal download of this utterly beautiful and interesting album here:

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