2010. szeptember 9., csütörtök

Prurient - Spins The Worlds Wheel Again

Pastel garden: join me in necromanced sunlight after the deluge of these relentless hails, signing the tips of our tongues a powder-cream like the flesh of new earth weathers. a wet canopy of vines curl across the sun where leaves tear gutters. swords of light fall through and meet the earth with a flower's whisper. pollen rides all skin. unfold and wane. i want to rest my head in your tender stomach. be the nude grave of yawning windows for me. let us clash and sleep in primal shape while all the lost deaths of this century clothe the marble beneath our skin. rub this gristle through me like cruel medicine on tip of your arrow fingertips. rip, cut, pour through me that which now sings in heaven. draw the anatomy of the universe 'cross these bones and let your womb sigh as my lips join the sculpture of your breast. love me apocalyptic into a broken carriage and use what is left to build the barricade around your love.

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