2010. szeptember 25., szombat

Snow Tale #3

"I woke up this morning and found that outside
it was snowing. We have had a fair bit of snow recently and it has
seemed to coincide with my creativity and composing, as I have been
writing a lot more than usual. I was watching the snow/sleet hit the
ground and just melt away, as it wasn’t settling. The idea that something has fallen from such a great height, it finally gets to the
ground and as soon as it has landed it has disappeared almost seems
desperate to me and I think it can be used as a metaphor for many
things in life. This is just a very rough piece of music but I have
tried to include every element of weather that I have seen today and
the way it has made me feel.
I hope you enjoy it, I can also make it downloadable on request."

Free and legal download of this utterly beautiful music, here:

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