2013. június 29., szombat

Oathless - Peripheral: Music For An Imaginary Film

Oathless - Peripheral: Music For An Imaginary Film
Written Between September 2011 - May 2013.
Released; 09 June 2013

Perhaps the artist's most dynamic release to date, tracks range from the dark and almost desparate to glistening, soothing numbers and a large amount of experimentation in the form of the penultimate offering. Carrying on from where the last album left off, this collection of songs is still highly atmospheric, reverberant and glides along slowly, with much cleaner production than previously seen before. Each little detail has been taken into account and is deliberate; the sound offering a minimalist approach through processed piano, strings, guitars and synthesisers.

Hawk Moon Records is a net label based in Winchester, UK.

More info here: http://hawkmoonrecords.bandcamp.com/a...
or here: http://oathless.bandcamp.com/

Due to a change in BandCamp policy, we only have a small number of free downloads available each month, when they expire please instead download from: http://www.last.fm/music/Oathless/Per...
or: Buy Now ₤1 GBP (or more). I recommend the latter - 1 quid is more than a good price for this truly breathtaking album.

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