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Lexis -- Tide of Times EP

Lexis -- Tide of Times EP
Label: Insight Records
Released: 29/04/2013
Genre: Chillstep/Electronica
Catalogue Number: I.R.20

Lexis, hailing from Germany made a breathtaking debut on Insight Records.

'Insight Records' is a digital label incorporating chilled, ambient, electronica and other difficult-to-classify sounds.
'Insight Records' is part of 'Insight Music Promotions' EST. 23/08/2011 helping aspiring musicians get their music heard.

More info here: http://www.insightmusicpromotions.co....
or here: http://insightrecords.bandcamp.com/al...
Lexis: https://soundcloud.com/dirtysounds-2
Tide of Times EP is a free download (Buy Now - name your price, so please support the artist)

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