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Inmontauk - La Transición

Inmontauk ‎- Isla EP
Label: Impar -- impar09
Format: 7 × File, MP3, EP, 256 kbps
Country: Chile
Released: 01 Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub, Minimal, Ambient

"Isla EP is Inmontauk's debut where you can listen to many techniques of ambient and texture creation. Sophisticated sounds that transport the audience through several artificial spaces. An ambient, melodic and glitch EP, that wakes your perception in a lovely and subtle way."

Impar is a Web based label (net label) that releases chilean electronic music, like IDM, Ambient, Dub, Minimal, House.
"Feel free to download in the music section, the most innovating works from artists who bet for a renewed and unique sound that rescues characteristic of Latin music and the avant-garde electronic" - Impar

Impar; música electrónica Chileana..... :o)
More info here: http://www.impar.cl/

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