2012. június 15., péntek

For your dreaming, crying or dancing pleasure; 80's. Dark, Gothic, New Wave, etc. Open those old wounds again, remember the good old days......... Curated by Vrhovny & Igor Bartolec. Tonight (June 15, 2012): 20:00h GMT+1 (Download option available)


Music: Breathing of statues.
Perhaps: Stillness of pictures.
You speech, where speeches end.
You time, vertically poised on the courses of vanishing hearts.
 Feelings for what?
Oh, you transformation of feelings into audible landscape!
You stranger: Music. Space that's outgrown us,
heart-space. Innermost ours, that passing our limits
as practised horizon, as other side of air,
pure, gigantic,
no longer lived in.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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