2011. szeptember 14., szerda

Sonorefiction - Mecanique Du Fluide

Sonorefiction -- Isolated Sounds EP
Label: Monokrak Netlabel -- Mono 86
Format: 4 × File, EP, mp3 320
Country: Switzerland
Released: 01 Apr 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient
4 free tracks of ambient/deep electronica for monoKraK netlabel http://www.monokrak.net.
all tracks from Sonorefiction (except"lament times", remix by Sonorefiction from Boris Grey "red racer funeral"track).
S o n o r e F i c t i o n
Ambient Experimental Imaginogène Music for Deep Listeners and Movies
s o n o r e f i c t i o n (aka) s o n o r e F - du concept musical "imaginogène", voici quelques samples expérimentaux combinant approche rythmique et bruits naturels bruts sans but précis, hormis celui de proposer une esquisse d'émotion.
plus récemment une diversion sur la deep ambiant et la minimal techno pour un travail plus rationaliste...
MonoKraK records is now a netlabel oriented ambient and deep minimal techno. Founded in 2006 by Roberto Vitali and based in Geneva (Switzerland), the first goal was to be a quality vinyl label of electronic music. But faced with the difficulties of finding a distributor and manage an independent label, it was decided to transform the identity of MonoKraK. For those who are out of the music business, just because they are not a "good product", there is another chance : netlabels. No more money in the affair, just music. The feeling to be free and to produce what or who you want is now a reality.
Here: http://www.monokrak.net and here: http://sonorefiction.blogspot.com/

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