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Madstyle - Aurigea Dream

Madstyle -- Chillusion EP
Label: Phonocake -- Phoke31
Format: 8 × File, MP3, EP, VBR
Country: Germany
Released: 09 Jun 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Ambient

Even though you can detect hints of chill out in the name of the EP, Madstyle does not offer you sounds treated with some kind of fabric softener. Much rather, dynamical rhythms and atmospheric sounds add up to a complex structure, unfolding its pleasant effect after a few seconds.
For eight tracks, this pulsing cloud of sounds hovers above the listener and displays the most varied aspects. The first track, Frozen Planet, shyly approaches you and lives with close to no percussive elements. Track by track, the rhythmic structures gain further weight, adding to the mood and the diversity of the EP unobtrusively.

"Aiming to present the local electronic music scene on a wider scale, the Dresden based netlabel Phonocake releases electronic music by artists from Dresden since June 1, 2003. Since 2006 we also release music from friends and artists worldwide. You can find music in the styles IDM, melodic Electronica, Experimental and all possible combinations of it here. We have a strong free access and free culture attitude.
The music, we offer here and in the net is released with the so called Creative Commons Licence." - Phonocake
Here: http://www.phonocake.org/

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