2010. december 11., szombat

ISAN - Eastside

Robin Saville and Antony Ryan, two English gentlemen who create music
together under the nom de plume ISAN (Integrated Services Analogue
"I like to imagine sitting in a darkened room looking at the gentle green glow of 1970s vu meters, then they all come to life and start crawling up the wall" says Antony. Such is the album's celestial hot-wired circuit board wizardry; Glow In The Dark Safari Set (released in 2010 by Isan spiritual home; Morr Music) positively throbs, ebbs and flows with electronically refracted ideas and melodies – a digital tone poem sitting somewhere betwixt the cosy experimentation of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the exotic sonic emissions of a top secret Düsseldorf studio circa 1975.
Glow In The Dark Safari Set points to a beautiful future. Bask in its brilliance... :o)

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