2010. december 16., csütörtök

505 - Sentiment

"Earworms, nice, how it should be!"

The whole world in a tracker. Small earworms drifting through columns of numbers and while the the world is celebrating one HiTech after another, some people in their little rooms know what is good, or what one knows, or what one is good in. The specialists are on their way and push the worms through ... a bag of ATARI-chips in the emulation cotton candy machine, bright white and isolated, while scientists in Bonn cool down the light and create a new light source from superparticles, so they can create new usable light wavelength, for creating the chips of tomorrow.
In 505's PC Debut "Cirrus" you float by five years of digesting and processing, where the icy threads condense and announce a warm front with a silky shimmer and vice versa. What can be an ice cloud at high altitude, is beeing 'tracked' and 'renoised' pushed ahead to the finale using piano recordings, found sounds such as from the Berlin train station or relatives, accompanied by catchy moments, that for once can sound almost like movie score, or Japanese pop music, which was translated into French, with detuning moments, drifting into pleasure....
Right up my alley.....
Free and legal download here:

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