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Abjective - Balance me

Lovely stuff....Another expression of the many musical diversions, pushing away from the mainstream dross we're witnessing nowadays...
Abjective ‎– Balance Me
Label: Eonian Autumn Records ‎– EON-005
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK & Ireland
Released: 25 Oct 2016
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient, IDM, Modern Classical, Downtempo
Artwork: Vadim Pantin & Phillip Rain

"'Balance me' it is the music filled with wonderful arrangements with lots of live instruments: violin, stringed guitar, acoustic guitar, piano. During recording I experimented a lot and I was looking for a clean sound with an admixture of everyday life - from children's toys to crunch of spaghetti. I wanted to make this work more lively and palpable, that it will be possible to recreate music physically but not with only software, computers or modular patch. The melodies are very fragile, as if the music is disintegrating into emotions. This is the case when listening to the same composition it is possible to think about eternity meaninglessness of the life, to enjoy every moment, to watch stunningly beautiful starry sky or to view sunset. " Abjective  http://abjectivemusic.com/

Abjective is a musical project which was created by two brothers Vadim (DomainMeta) and Eugene (Kenagenashi) Pantins in 2009. Project was conceived and exists as idm-project, though now musical interests have grown up to avant-garde and neo-classics.
Abjective is a rare example of a quality electronic music that it
necessary be able to listen avidly and attentively. In different musical
styles of Abjective there converge the sensitivity, trembling and the
lightness of being, but also on the other side there are an overcome,
hysteria, broken spirit and destruction. In every note feelings
multiplies by thoughts. In each sound there are questions, doubts, ways,
ups and downs, faith and dreams – life is in each sound. Abjective’
music is like a talks about eternity.
More info:
bancamp: https://abjective.bandcamp.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abjective
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/abjective

bonus: https://soundcloud.com/abjective/fjorn

Eonian Autumn Records (London, UK) is looking for a interesting unlike on anything else music on a joint of the directions (Ambient, Modern Classic, IDM, Glitch).
We are searching an innovative sound which is combining and carrying the ideas of experimental electronic music, progressive instrumental classics, as well as text content.
We create and produce a “clever music” to which it is necessary to be able to listen. Music for the thinking people. Thanks to music we listen to our souls. We don’t want simply to listen to the sound, we create art. "  - Eonian Autumn Records   http://eonian-autumn.com/
more info:
bandcamp: https://eonianautumnrecords.bandcamp.com/album/abjective-balance-me
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eonian.autumn.records
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-186155600

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