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Cello + Laptop (Sara Galán & Edu Comelles) - Segments

"So after almost one year here we have a small grasp of what was hidden in the closet a thorough selection of four little gems we have kept for a long time. Those are the outcome of various recordings done in Valencia. All pieces are segments of longer live improvisations between cello and live electronics. The process of work, as usual, is a two-ways stream of cello lines and the re-appropriation of those same string lines, and the dance and dialogue that happens in real time."

Cello + Laptop (Sara Galán & Edu Comelles) - Segments
Label: Audiotalaia ‎– at078
Format: 4 × File, Album
Country: Spain
Released: April 27, 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Experimental

Cello+Laptop is an experimental ensemble exploring the sound dialogues between classical instrumentation with electronic sound. The project was born in Valencia (Spain) and consists in a series of experimental compositions mixing the ambient sonorities of Edu Comelles projects and the textures and acoustic of the cello by Sara Galán.
More info: http://cellopluslaptop.bandcamp.com/
or here: http://www.educomelles.com/2015/04/cello-laptop-segments.html

Audiotalaia is an online platform, a netlabel and a joint venture devoted to release, promote and produce works based on sound in Spain and abroad. We are a very open minded platform seeking to present to the world a wide range of ways to work within what’s being known for the last few years as sound art. Through all this activity, Audiotalaia aims to present this kind of music to the world. It has been always important to do a certain pedagogy towards the audience and towards artists so Audiotalaia will always be focused on a very basic idea: we want you to listen to new things, different things, strange things and familiar, but ultimately: to listen.
All works presented on this label are under Creative Commons Licenses 3.0 Share-Alike.
More info: http://www.audiotalaia.net/catalogue/at078-cello--laptop/
or here: https://archive.org/details/at078Segments
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Audiotalaia
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/audiotalaia
Segments is released under Creative Commons License; Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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