2014. június 27., péntek

Jiibay Shadow Dancer - Forests Of Fireflies

Absolutely lovely. So nice and gentle, but with the hidden depth of a dream. A gate to the other dimension; Forests Of Fireflies...

A thousand thanks dear Jiibay for allowing me to upload this beautiful tune, i am truly honoured.

Jiibay Shadow Dancer - Forests Of Fireflies
Released: 2014
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Analogue/Classical
More info here: https://soundcloud.com/jiibay-shadowdancer
or here: http://jii-music.bandcamp.com/
Uploaded with the permission of Jiibay Shadow Dancer.

Jiibay Shadow Dancer; Female Native American (Ojibwe) Sound Designer.

In Jii's words describing her music: "Analogue, Ambient/Dark, Drone, Experimental Noise & Idm are where my musical passion thrives with a cinematic touch. Self taught in the area of music theory and incorporating real instruments: piano, violin, cello, Native flute & Native drumming can be found in many of my releases. Positive energies evolve creating soundscapes of emotion; many of the elements stem from my Native American (Ojibwe) heritage, these elements easily create their own fusion with originality, putting in motion, and a reflection of me; resulting in the ongoing project of Jii-Music.

After many years of composing music and performing live in classical violin/piano concerto competitions in my adolescent years, given honorable mention by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra in my adult life and performing traditional Native American dance in intertribal powwows within the United States; my students and friends felt it was time to start releasing and sharing my unreleased music publicly or possibly look into some music netlabels. In 2012, my first EP and my first full album were released on a French netlabel, Sirona-Records. I've continued to release music in 2013 on CRL Studios, Treetrunk Records and Solanic Netlabel. The day I stop composing music will be the day I stop breathing."

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