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Ivan Black - The Somnambulist

Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism or noctambulism, is a sleep disorder belonging to the parasomnia family. Sleepwalkers arise from the slow wave sleep stage in a state of low consciousness and perform activities that are usually performed during a state of full consciousness. These activities can be as benign as sitting up in bed, walking to the bathroom, and cleaning, or as hazardous as cooking, driving, violent gestures, grabbing at hallucinated objects, or even homicide.

Ivan Black - The Somnambulist
Label: Breathe Compilations ‎-- brhnet32
Format: 7 × File, Album
Released: May 20, 2014
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Drone

Since June of 2008, Breathe Compilations is a netlabel for eclectic tunes and graphics based in Mexico.
We release our work with different types of Creative Commons Licenses please read before download, the use for mixes, podcast and radio shows are allowed." - Breathe, 28 Mar 2012
More info: https://soundcloud.com/breathe

Ivan Black, London, Britain (UK); "The music I create is mainly electronic, covering many styles. Ambient, electronic, dance and experimental styles. My influences? There are so many, to be honest. Everything from classical, electronic and dance to more experimental. The more obvious are German experimental electronic artists and a lot of well known ambient musicians.
My inspirations are taken from the people I love and trust. It's with their understanding and help that I am able to create music...."
More info here: https://soundcloud.com/ivan-black
Album info and download here: http://breathecompilations.org/ivan-black-the-somnambulist/
or here: https://archive.org/details/brhnet32_Ivan_Black_-_The_Somnambulist
Released under Creative Commons License; Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

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