2013. december 31., kedd

V.A. - Fields


somewhere cornered against a confused cosmos and identification you will find fear, suffering, and a delicate ego sitting aside; one that wants to hide beneath the covers and close her eyes tightly to the fists of human crafted creatures, gods and monstrosities

but most of all you will find the most simplest kind of a mind; one that sees most matters with a glass heart, composed of love, laughter, intellectual strength and emotional grace trying to obtain a better view of human crafted creatures, gods and monstrosities

the story is really not so complex, no more complex than that of other stories; with a beginning, swimming in both red and blue seas; with a middle, growing and flowing in all directions;
and with an end, as inevitable as all ends

~Emily Loren Moss Ferrell

FIELDS - a series of free compilations showcasing a handpicked selection of both established and new experimental drone, ambient and electroacoustic artists.
FIELDS is not a "label" in the traditional sense - there will be no releases by individual artists as most of them either have affiliations with various labels or self release on Bandcamp and other platforms. Our aim is simply to put together a great collection of sounds by inviting some of our favourite artists to contribute.
More info here: http://fieldscompilation.bandcamp.com/album/fields
or here: http://fieldscompilation.tumblr.com/
Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest: http://caterpillarsdressedintheirfinest.bandcamp.com/
Emily's poem: http://emilylrn.blogspot.com/
Fields Volume One is a free download.

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