2013. november 15., péntek

Transient - Chiquesalunga

Music made deep in the woods. 
The big rabbit invites you, 
to listen to the sounds of the creek, 
the trees and the birds. ...

Transient ‎-- Chiquesalunga
Label: Phonocake ‎-- phoke96
Format: 7 × File, MP3, Album 
Country: Germany
Released: 30 Oct 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo

Carl Martin aka Transient (Upstate New York, United States) has been producing electronic music since the early 1990's. At that time he was introduced to tracking software through the local BBS scene and began creating music on his trusty 286. Through the years he continued to use trackers (modedit, screamtracker 3, impulse tracker, modplug tracker) as his basic composition tool, eventually settling on Renoise. He has released music for many labels throughout the world, and is best known for a wide range of eclectic releases put out by various entities within the netlabel community. These days he's using his Transient moniker appropriately for one of his loves, the art of mobile music making via cell phones, pda's, and portable gaming systems.

Phonocake; Aiming to present the local electronic music scene on a wider scale, the Dresden based netlabel Phonocake releases electronic music by artists from Dresden since June 1, 2003. Since 2006 we also release music from friends and artists worldwide, from Russia, America and Europe. We made the online music debuts of artists like Disrupt, Alec Tronic, Modul, Kryptic Universe, Madstyle and Mr. Incognito possible. Our musicians do their music mainly in the free time, but mostly for more than ten years. You can find music in the styles IDM, melodic Electronica, Experimental and all possible combinations of it here. We have a strong free access and free culture attitude. In 2010 we reactivated the label sleepycity.org as our sister label. Besides this Phonocake sees itself as a platform for artists to interact and act locally. The music, we offer here and in the net is released with the so called Creative Commons Licence.

More info here: http://phonocake.org/
or here: https://archive.org/details/phoke96
Transient: https://soundcloud.com/transient
Chiquesalunga is released under Creative Commons License; Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany

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