2013. október 4., péntek

Bara lítið - sjálfsmorð

Home Music Inspired by Norway and Iceland, art and life.

Bara lítið - sjálfsmorð
Label: Indelible Niche Collective ‎-- INC-002
Format: 18 × File, Album
Released: released 12 September 2012

The Indelible Niche Collective is a collaborative home for like minded artists that focuses on creating and highlighting what we believe to be creative and enduring art. We do not limit ourselves to any certain musical genre or artistic style. Simply put, the INC strives to provide a place where artists may grow alongside those who seek the same creative stimulation.

More info here: http://indeliblenichecollective.bandcamp.com/album/sj-lfsmor
sjálfsmorð by Bara lítið is a free download.

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