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Na-Hag, r.roo, Art-Project "?!" - Ceremony of madness

Na-Hag, r.roo, Art-Project "?!" - Ceremony of madness
Label: Industrial Madness
Format: 12 x File,mp2, Album
Country: Republic of Belarus
Released: 22 December 2011

"Images enshroud with vague and seem to recall something. In certain occasions, in this organic life, in exhibits presented for the blind there are together serenity and anxiety, craving for shattered and for holistic, attraction to warm and avoiding of cold. In all of this, there is something in common, something throbbing, something that comes from the ultimate understanding of stunned mind." - r.roo https://soundcloud.com/r-roo
r.rro on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rroo.idm

"Belorussian industrial / Gothic / electro label INDUSTRIAL MADNESS RECORDS presents its seventh release - online split CEREMONY OF MADNESS from the Ukrainian project NA-HAG and R-ROO, as well as the formation of the Belorussian ART-PROJECT "?!". Release timed to the winter solstice, when the sun passes through the center of the most distant from the equator of the celestial sphere point of the ecliptic. After that, the sun changes its motion to reverse and begin to rise again.
The concept of joint release - impressions of the ritual ceremony, which took place on November 26 in Minsk, somewhere deep underground, and there were all represented at the three split the project. By the way, the track "Cut off Your Ears" of the Ukrainian project Na-Hag was written directly in Minsk, just before the ritual ceremony, where he was first introduced to the general public.
The release is available for free download and distribution." - Industrial Madness

More info here: http://www.industrial-madness.com/about/73/releases
or here: https://rroo.bandcamp.com/album/ceremony-of-madness-split
The release is available for free download and distribution." - Industrial Madness

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