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Quiet Sun - Flicker and Fade EP

Quiet Sun - Flicker and Fade EP
Label: Totokoko
Released: 05 January 2013

"Flicker & Fade is the second release from UK producer Quiet Sun (aka Jack Hyde), following his 'Three Colors White' EP last summer. Here again he ventures into a dreamworld of spacious sonics and ticking beats, making the electronic almost seem like living and breathing life-forms..."

"Flicker and Fade is my second EP, following the release of 'Three Colours White' in 2012. This is a project I've pursued whilst studying at university. The EP was made mostly with samples that were cut and manipulated to a desired effect. The intention was to create something textured and atmospheric." Quiet Sun

Totokokolabel; Saitama, Japan. Warm,cold,soft,shine,happy.
sound like that.
Release are all free download.
Here: http://totokokolabel.com/
here: https://soundcloud.com/totokokolabel
Quiet Sun: http://quietsunsounds.bandcamp.com/al...

Quiet Sun - Flicker and Fade EP is a free download.

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