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Orbique - Love In Her Eyes

Various -- Of Men And Machines
Label: Rec72 -- co-compilation, Released: 17 Sep 2009 (also: Audiovisual Theorem -- AVTheorem017,Spain. Released:18 Aug 2009)
Format: File, MP3, Compilation, 192 kbps
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Breakbeat, Glitch, Abstract, Downtempo, Experimental
Cover arts have been designed by psycoded.

"Of Men And Machines" is an hommage to the relationship between machines and mankind. This compilation is considered to be a tribute to the perfect symbiosis men and machines can reach. Since the appearance of machines, they've been closely linked to the concept of progress. Every generation of machines is more perfect and mankind benefits from this evolution. "Of Men And Machines" demonstrates that creativity of human beings is multiplied exponentially with machines -- no question.

18 artists from around the world expound their personal relationship between machines and themselves to produce emotions and sounds. Thus the netlabels Audiovisual Theorem and rec72 employ the same relationship to approach the infinite possibilities and collaborate in a compilation that travels through a variety of music styles. Expect IDM all over the place, dance to Dubstep, chill with Triphop, make yourself comfortable with minimal house and let experimental Electronica run through your headphone

Audiovisual Theorem and rec72 Netlabel are really psyched about this release! To host those gifted and enthusiastic artists from all over the world. It is an overwhelming collection of innovative music including diverse genres. We are sure that this co-compilation will become a corner stone in Creative Commons music and collaboration, too as it is and was a great challenge to combine the output of so many artists and to melt it into one electronic and organic rock.

rec72′s artists share their music and video clips under Creative Commons. Which means you can download all music and visuals for free, copy them, share them with your friends. You can employ it to underscore your slide shows and clips on youtube, vimeo etc. Fill your next podcast show with our music. You can built upon the 2010 released works with non-commercial purpose; and you are allowed to use their stuff being released since 2011 in a commercial manner, as long as you share a-like!
More info here: http://rec72.net/
Our Creative-Commons-Licensing-History: (2007-2009: by-nc-nd, 2010: by-nc-sa and since 2011: by-sa)

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