2012. január 2., hétfő

nisei23 - Gymnopedie 1.

nisei23′s album Soft Shapes is an overture of Drone-driven and melodic textures & rhythmic loops at the same time. It is product of over 3 years of work. nisei23′s music on this album is designed to be amorphous, shifting through time and space. Soft Shapes contains 19 Tracks, including extensive cover arts and release credits.

"It's like a dream where everything is familiar but everything is different", he confesses. The sounds on his album were carefully constructed from acoustic instruments and natural sounds which were manipulated and molded into drones, rhythmical loops and melodic patterns. The only exception was Don't Panic which is entirely electronic. The melodies themselves are equally unconventional, sometimes with slow and subtle movements and other times making dramatic and unexpected twists."

rec72 is a netlabel focusing on electronic music and visuals to be spread on the internet and being downloadable for free. We deliver Electronica (IDM, Breaks and Downtempo) and Visuals since 2007!
rec72′s artists love to share their music and video clips under Creative Commons (by-nc-nd, by-nc-sa or by-sa). Which means you can download all music and visuals for free. You can employ our output to underscore your slide shows and clips on youtube, vimeo etc. Fill your next podcast show with our music. As long as non commercial usage is intended!
More info here: http://rec72.net/
and here: http://nisei23.com/

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