2011. október 12., szerda

Uitgezonderd - Birth of the Hurricane

Uitgezonderd -- Burning Giraffes At Sea
Label: Webbed Hand Records -- wh156
Format: 11 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Country: US
Released: 17 Jan 2011
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Acoustic, Downtempo, Ambient

"This album is a process of hours and hours of working without sleep. Isolated in a room, with just a laptop, guitar and piano. It can be seen as the melancholy of a bitter old man who will die in a few minutes. Enjoy!
...The work is open for interpretation, for me personal it's about a period in my life, I see it as the last minutes of recalling memories before the death of the person..." - Jeffrey D. (Uitgezonderd)

"Established in 2003, Webbed Hand is a netlabel, sharing over 200 complete albums as free mp3 downloads. Our sole mission is to bring you things to hear and enjoy. Add them to your music collection, make copies for your friends. Include them in your podcast, radio show, video or short film (open permission for non-commercial use; if commercial, contact us).

All of the artists here produce and promote their own work. It is a labor of love, and we make a higher priority of inspiring and entertaining than of getting rich.

In general, the works here are aimed at the ears of introverted mystics, dreamers, and lateral thinkers. We'd like the music here to serve as vehicles for the mind. Empowering and uplifting, rather than depressed and devitalizing, loaded with subtlety and richness and no shortage of strangeness." - Webbed Hand Records.
Free and legal download under Creative Commons License here: http://webbedhandrecords.com/wh156-uitgezonderd-burning-giraffes-at-sea/

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