2011. július 22., péntek

Somewhere In Detroit

"July 12th 2011 at 9:00pm est somewhere in the city of Detroit. It was a hot muggy night in the motor city, the cicadas were buzzing along with synthesizers in the distance, the ambient still air was crackling transiently with the movements of R.F. energy and yet a young man in a hot upstairs room stands in front of a collection of various vintage vacuum tube communications equipment; ready to disperse a unique sound across the city of Detroit over the airwaves. As broadcast on shortwave via F.C.C. part 15 rules, Telegraphy compiled a forty minute live set of minimal and Detroit style techno along with ambient and noise sounds. Sounds of shortwave were captured in real time with the use of a vintage Collins R-388 vacuum tube high frequency receiver. All tracks were produced by Telegraphy. Cover photo "Somewhere in Detroit" silver geliten print by Telegraphy.
Ionosonde recordings presents, Telegraphy. A live forty minute set of minimal and Detroit techno, ambient and sounds of shortwave. A vintage vacuum tube shortwave receiver was used as a accompaniment noise and ambient sound generator. To be released on ionosonde recordings (iono-5)." - Telegraphy.
Here: http://ionosonderec.webs.com

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