2011. június 5., vasárnap

Lyndsie Alguire - How to be still, suspended in light

With the right amount of chance, sometimes you fall upon wonderful people creating equally wonderful music. It's the kind of encounter that makes having a netlabel worthwhile.
'Suspended in light' is montrealer Lyndsie Alguire's debute lp. It is a sweet affair: her piano melodies are like tiny footsteps in the snow as she creates scenes for departures and catching up.
The optimism eminating from this album is nothing short of overwhelming; Lyndsie reminds us that hope prevails over everything. - Camomille.
Written and recorded by Lyndsie Alguire
Photography, video & design by La Manufacture
Download the album here [mp3 320 kbps .zip]
Go to bandcamp for other high quality and donations [flac, ogg and more]
BUY THE LIMITED EDITION CDR HERE ! [presales / will ship june 20th]

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