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PinkLogik - Dreams Of Summer

PinkLogic - Inverse
Released: 16th May 2011
Label: Section 27
Format: MP3
Pinklogik is the brainchild of Jules (AKA Julie Straw). Her musical creations flirt mostly with electronic glitched out ambience, with the odd uptempo surprise here and there.
She was born in 1976 and grew up in Nottinghamshire, England, and discovered her love of electronic music at a very young age. Jules started experimenting with her own electronic sounds and music at the mere age of 16, her first set up consisted of an Amiga 600 computer, a sampling cartridge, some sampling and sequencing software and an old Yamaha keyboard with a digital synthesizer on it.

Today, Jules uses a more developed midi set up comprising of Cubase SX and various softsynths. She now resides near Bristol and this is where she does most of her work. Jules has 3 types of synaesthesia (Sound-->Colour, Time-->Space and grapheme) and is also a committed vegan (since the age of 26).

"After a small absence and a couple of single releases appearing since 2009, Pinklogik returns with a lovely new 6 track EP, "Inverse". Having two independently released full-length albums (Mosaic Electro / Learning To Trust Higher Frequencies) and a remix collection "LTTHF:Remixed" released on this very label, Inverse picks up right where LTTHF's journey ended. If you are familiar with her music, you'll be happy to know that the signature infectious and playful melodic elements are still intact on this release, and introduces some new vibes such as the more sombre moments like "Dreams Of Summer" or the techno fused "Phosphene Dance". The feel of Pinklogik's music is distinctly vintage, but refreshingly so. Welcome back, we've missed you." - Section 27
Section 27 is an independent electronica netlabel based in Scotland, run by Tam Ferrans (Nonima) and Drew Paterson (theAudiologist). They are heavily influenced by labels like Merck, Warp, Skam, Monotonik, Crazy Language and Toytronic, releasing "essential underground sounds that both stimulate the senses and don't conform to conventional listening".

"If you enjoy our releases on Section 27, we actively encourage you to spread them around the web. Whether it is a re-post on another site, word of mouth or a simple Twitter message, you are helping to support underground electronic music. All we ask is that you follow the Creative Commons License rules and include a link back to this page or to the S27 site, simple!" - Section 27
Section 27 is Creative Commons by-nc-nd licensed and their discography is free to download.

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