2011. január 31., hétfő

Heroines Of The U.S.S.R - March 6th

Heroines Of The U.S.S.R - Spring Snow
Label: Archaic Horizon
Catalog#: AH023
Format: 4 x File, MP3, 192 kbps
Country: US
Released: 02 Apr 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient
Heroines of the U.S.S.R constructed 'Spring Snow' with manipulated field recordings layered upon various instruments including the glockenspiel, guitar, and trumpet, as well as other homemade instruments. The sound of which is then deconstructed into an aged and grainy fury of soft kinetic tones, which wander about the periphery of the stereo field.
Each track posses a living force that is elemental to the operation of its change. This distinct underlying force that drives 'Spring Snow' through its slow and steady transitions is manifested through the degradation of prolonged tones. The weathered sonics thaw in the layers of thermal distortion and freeze into an icy frost after being sheltered from the sun. Cycling through these processes creates a sound enlivened with a chilling mobility that activates the listener's space.
Archaic Horizon is a net record label that distributes experimental electronic music for free under the protection of creative commons licensing.
Here: http://archaichorizon.com/releases/AH023?from_page=4

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