2010. augusztus 11., szerda

Sleepy Town Manufacture - O nei (Unit 21 Parting Mix).wmv

From the album : Intelligent Toys 2, released by one of my favorite label: Sutemos.
"Sutemos alters an old saying of Arther C. Clarke's to their own end: There is no band. It's a simulacrum with a stellar sound system. Nothing you see or hear is real. Sufficiently advanced technology, indistinguishable from magic. Or dreams. - Intelligent Toys rekindles joys of childhood and sustains those who are still caught up in their innocence. These are songs built from experience, digital creations which have been carefully massaged and groomed and polished to reflect purity, grace and the luminosity of spirit. Intelligent Toys makes magic; this is a record filled with dreams."
Free and legal download under Creative Common License here:

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